Southern Community Media Association



National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference

March 15-17
Wagga Wagga NSW

Join us at the Wagga RSL Club!
Don’t miss your chance to participate in plenary sessions, workshops and of course, the social networking of the 2024 conference. Be part of this innovative and exciting gathering of broadcasters and industry representatives.

If the  2024 should be a great event with plenty to learn plenty of time to network and a great group of people to socialise with. We are calling on Youth and Young Adults to put in the effort to attend the 2024 conference and be part of the community radio community learn new skills and make new friends.

There will be regular updates on this page and in the newsletters, also keep an eye on the social media outlets for the SCMA as announcements about the conference, presenters and workshop topics will be announced in the coming months.

The SCMA is dedicated to the growth and development of the National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference and the membership of the SCMA and we are certain that the 2024 conference will be a leap forward for the long running conference and to the information stream that is the conference. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing the conference as the same information repeated that is not what we are about and this years conference will prove to be innovative and informative to all delegates that attend.

We look can’t wait to welcome you to conference 2024.

Southern Community Media Association