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Southern Community Media Association (SCMA)

Representing This Great Southern Land.

The SCMA is committed to the development of the Community Radio sector. To provide support and assistance to member stations through a number of initiatives such as training opportunities, open discussion, The National Regional and Rural Broadcasters Conference and a strong network support system.

SCMA Membership is open to all Community Broadcasters and aspirant groups.

Who is the SCMA

The SCMA is a non-profit National Representative Body for Community Broadcasters. We are an organisation committed to the development of the Community Broadcasting Sector and all it involves we are also a National Representative Body for Regional, Rural and Sub Metro Community Broadcasters.

The associations committee of Management is made up of representatives of member stations.

The objectives of the SCMA are to actively promote and support the community broadcast sector through training opportunities, workshops, station support, problem-solving, equipment loan data base and conferences. Increased public awareness of the Community Broadcast sector comes via a high profile promotion and involvement in not for profit community-based initiatives,

Membership of the SCMA is constantly growing and is around 100 stations at the moment. Membership consists of community broadcast stations from every State and Territory of Australia.

The SCMA is heavily involved in training, support, planning and broadcasting.  The SCMA’s current major program is the development of the Community Emergency Radio Network or “CERN” this project is involved in training broadcasters in correct procedures to broadcast information in times of emergency and natural disasters as well as higher level emergency involvement.

SCMA is an independent organisation and is funded by membership, donations, grants from the Community Broadcasting Foundation and fundraising. The association relies on this funding to remain an active and vital part of the community broadcasting sector.

We are also the conveners of the National Regional, Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference held Annually in early March at different locations.

Membership to the SCMA is open to any Incorporated not for profit association that is actively involved in Community Broadcasting. Membership to the association is $75 per year or any part there of and membership to the association gives you the full support of the association as well as the monthly newsletter, free attendance for members of your station to most workshops and training sessions, discounted delegate fees to the National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference and so much more.

The SCMA Supports the Community Broadcasting codes of Practice 

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