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2015 National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference

Yes the 10th National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference is on.

The date is set for Friday June 12th, Saturday June 13th and ending on Sunday June 14th 2015.

The location of this year’s conference will be Wagga Wagga and the location will be the Wagga RSL club the scene of several previous conferences.

The 2015 conference will also see the announcement of the 2016 conference dates and locations as SCMA increases its commitment to its membership and to the sector as a whole.

As this year we will be celebrating the 10th Conference we would dearly love to see some of the people from our earlier conferences in attendance.

The theme for this year’s conference will be to re-establish friendships; fellowship and increase the already huge network of stations who share information assist others and work together with the SCMA to improve community broadcasting in regional rural and Sub Metro areas and the sector as a whole.


We invite all member stations and non-member stations to attend and experience the conference, the friendship and fellowship of the delegates and learn in a friendly and open environment.


Have you entered the X-Awards?


The X Awards will be on this year as always and entries will be via online the same as previous years.

The X Awards entries will open on March 9th 2015 and close near the end of May at a date yet to be set. All the information you need to be part of the 2015 X Awards will be made available to you in the next newsletter and via the SCMA web site.

We want to see as many stations as possible attend the National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference so we can all learn increase our networks and benefit from the event.

What's on offer at the 2015 SCMA Conference

4 workshops at a time to give delegates a greater range of information and a better choice of workshops to attend.

Some of the topics planned for this years conference include:

  • Basic Book Keeping

  • Surveys

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Technical workshop

  • Getting Music for your station

  • Using Social Media to promote your station


The 2015 SCMA conference offering valuable information via workshops and plenary sessions. With a wide range of topics there is sure to be something for everyone. Don’t miss out!


It’s not all about food for the brain!

Kick off the action packed weekend @ the Welcome BBQ

A great way to socialize and network in a relaxed atmosphere

Welcome Event - Traditionally held on the Friday night prior to the Conference getting underway this is a great ice breaker and social event for all delegates. It gives them a chance to catch up with old friend and make new friend and is also a great way for people who have not attended a National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference to meet other delegates and feel more comfortable for the work days ahead.

The fun doesn’t stop there!


Conference Dinner / X Awards - Now this is a great night of entertainment fellowship and good food in a friendly environment that is all about the social side of community broadcasting. The X Awards presentation is a big part of the dinner as is the opportunity to network and interact with fellow delegates at the conference.

But wait there’s more!


Drinks with the Trade - This is held on the Saturday of the conference after the work for the day is finished and before the Conference dinner and X Awards. The whole idea is to give delegates time to relax with a drink and chat to trade delegates and check out the information and equipment on display.


Industry Experts – Do you have questions for ACMA? or CBF? Representatives from both will be at the conference. A great place to meet and chat in an informal environment.

The Southern Community Media Association would like to acknowledge and thank the Community Broadcasting Foundation Ltd for the financial contribution towards the 10th SCMA National, Regional, Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference.