Key Benefits to Joining the SCMA

  • Support through networking
  • Free and low-cost attendance to Workshops and Training sessions throughout the year
  • Discounted attendance fees at the National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference
  • The Equipment Loan Data Base – Keeping your station on the air when equipment failures happen
  • Up to date information flow on what is happening within the Community Broadcast Sector
  • Representation of stations by SCMA as an independent body
  • Mutual support and Co-operation
  • 24 hour 7 days a week every day phone support
  • Extensive Networking and Networking support
  • The National Regional, Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • The President’s Club – support and discussions for presidents of member stations
  • Increased bargaining power with suppliers through collective bargaining
  • Up to date and informative website and social media sites.
  • Facebook sites for SCMA, SCMA Conference and Technical Networking as well as the TechNet Group
  • TechNet Group also holds meetings at various locations to allow technical staff to network and interact over and above the on-line presence of the TechNet group on FaceBook.
  • Members Only information
  • The Program Distribution System
  • Emergency Broadcasting Support and Training
  • Recognition by controlling bodies
  • Live streaming clean feed programs such as a breakfast show
  • Support streaming on two channels providing 24/7 music of different styles
  • The Station Accreditation scheme

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The SCMA offers its membership many benefits from tapping into one of the most vibrant and supportive networks within Community Broadcasting as well as the fellowship of belonging to an organisation that is based in grass roots and has it’s finger on the pulse of community broadcasting. Accredited and non-accredited training opportunities as well as workshops and collective Bargaining

Training Opportunities

The SCMA conducts regular training workshops though out the year. These workshops are hosted by different Member Stations and hence move throughout the association’s area. The workshops are non-accredited training opportunities with various topics depending on what the membership of the association wants by way of training. As a member of the SCMA your station can send as many delegates as it likes to theses workshops. The majority of workshops conducted by the SCMA are at no cost to your station or your members. The President’s Club offers station Presidents and CEO the opportunity to meet and network in an environment that allows open discussion and problem-solving. The Presidents Club is also an open conduit to the SCMA for recommendations, suggestions and ideas to be considered by the SCMA.The TechNet Group Meetings promote networking and open discussion for Technical staff from stations and allows tech’s to put proposals to the SCMA for development and actioning. The Annual National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference offers even more learning opportunities with a weekend of learning opportunities.

Management Meetings

The SCMA also conducts management meetings specifically aimed at assisting the Management of Community Stations. These meetings are open to representatives of all member stations.


The SCMA prides itself on a vibrant and the well developed support network. The network is made up of member stations, trade suppliers, past station managers as well as people involved in the coal face of community broadcasting. The benefit of this huge evolving and growing network is immeasurable to the membership of this association and makes up part of the core knowledge base. There is an open line of communication between all member stations of the association as well as the associations Board of Management and the Associations C.E.O.


The PDS or Program delivery system is a web based distribution system that allows members to upload and download programs and information for their use and distribution throughout the membership of the SCMA. The PDS is one of the most secure program distribution systems on the internet and allows one to one or one to many uploads and downloads. PDS is not restricted to music or on air programs and will also contain a secure members only area that will provide SCMA members with a secure information distribution system that will be not only fast but reliable.


The Annual National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference is one of the standout events that the SCMA run throughout the year. The National Conference is open to all community broadcasters throughout Australia regardless of membership to the SCMA. There is however some great discounts for members to attend the conference. As the conference name suggests it concentrates on regional rural and sub metro broadcasters and is based in grass roots problem solving. The conference is not only a great learning/training opportunity it is also an opportunity to compare notes, exchange information, swap war stories, learn from others and just relax.  The conference is all about networking, learning and socialising and is put together in a way that is conducive to all three. From the friendliness of the welcome BBQ right through to the final Plenary where you get your chance to express your opinions the National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference is all about making sure you learn, grow and relax. The conference is held every year.


To become a full member of the SCMA you must be a community broadcaster either aspirant, TCBL or fully licensed.  Membership to the SCMA been set at $75 for the past 5 years and continues to go unchanged. Membership to SCMA and is not means tested, you simply pay your membership fill in the membership forms and submit it to the SCMA and you are a member. Any Station that joins in the 3 months prior to the end of the financial year will be given membership for the remainder of the current year free of charge. All member stations are treated equally and all financial member stations of the Association have a vote and the right to stand for office.

The Equipment Loan Data Base

The SCMA will assist any member station to get back on air as quickly as possible through the use of the equipment loan data base as well as the support of the extensive and vibrant network the association has established with member stations and suppliers of equipment. From a studio desk through to a transmitter the SCMA can source equipment and parts quickly to get your station operational as soon as possible.


There are many reasons to become a member of the SCMA so why not join and discover for yourself what SCMA has to offer your station

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