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Online Registrations Accepted!

This year you will once again able to register online for the conference. This means there is no need to download a form, print it out, fill it in and post it. Just simply fill in the details on the form and click send and you are registered for the conference. You will be sent an invoice once you have submitted your registration. Once SCMA receives payment for your registration you will receive an email confirming your registration for the conference and all details of your registration.

You can register up to 6 Delegates using the one on line registration form.

The important thing to remember is your registration is not confirmed until the SCMA receives payment for the entire registration, so if you are registering multiple delegates from your station please ensure that you have payment available so that we can confirm your registration as quickly as possible.

The online registration simplifies the registration process for the SCMA National Conference and at the same time gives us more information about your registration. This will mean that we are able to ensure that your conference experience is as enjoyable as possible.



The conference fees will be as follows:

Early Bird Conference. – (paid for by 3rd February 2017)

$200 – Early Bird Delegate Member  Registration

$300 – Early Bird Delegate Non-Member  Registration

Standard Conference Attendance – (paid for by February 20th 2017)

$230 –  Standard Delegate Member Registration                  

$330 – Standard Delegate Non-Member  Registration

Late Registration Attendance – (paid for after February 20th 2017)

$260 – Standard Delegate Member Registration

$360 – Standard Delegate Non-Member  Registration


$60 – Additional attendance at Conference Dinner

Discounts –  (available to all financial members of the SCMA)

 $70 (Per delegate) – Discount for 3 or more Delegates attending from the same station.

Cost per delegate would be $160 (Delegates must register at the same time to get discount)       

This offer is only available to Members of the Southern Community Media Association who are financial as at March 1st 2017 

If you need help with our online registration form, follow the instructions below or take note at the popup messages on the form.

Conference Registration Instructions

To register online for the National Regional Rural and Sub Metro Broadcasters Conference is a simple procedure. Just follow the steps below and you will be registered for the conference in no time at all.

Step 1

Go to the conference registration page

Step 2

Please select how many delegates you wish to register with this registration form. You can register up to 6 delegates at a time using a single online registration form.

Step 3

Find your station in the drop down list and select it. If your station is not listed then use the “other” option and type in your station name

Step 4

Your Details as the person who is completing this registration form so that can be contacted if there are any issues with your registration. Please ensure that you complete all of this section including a contact phone number.

Step 5

You can register up to 6 delegates at a time for your station. Work your way through this process it is all very straight forward.

Please make sure that you complete the tick box section of this registration area for each delegate. Remember we want to know what you won’t be attending so if you will be attending every thing then don’t tick the boxes


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